Guidelines on Making Offers on New Homes

Importance in Home Buyer Communication

Each home Buyer should discuss the offer and negotiation process with their Help-U-Sell real estate broker during the initial counseling process and before any offer is presented. This will ensure that the home Buyer understands the process, the possibility of competing offers, and what the Seller's options are. 

Real Estate Broker Advises and Homebuyer Decides

All decisions about how offers will be presented, negotiated and ultimately accepted, are made by the home Buyer and/or Seller, NOT the Help-U-Sell® Real Estate broker. Help-U-Sell Real Estate agents will communicate, advise and keep their respective client informed of all offer activities. They will NOT make the decisions. The home Buyer makes the decisions. 

Home Offers Confidentiality

All offers and counteroffers on new homes should be in writing to ensure that the terms, time frames and legal obligations of the parties are clearly understood and communicated without misunderstanding, withdrawals, counteroffers and/or any changes to offers should be done in writing, signed and dated.

Existence of Home Offers

The terms of all home offers, counteroffers, withdrawals and terminations may not be disclosed by Help-U-Sell® Real Estate agents without the prior consent of both the Buyer and Seller.

Existence of Home Offers

The Seller decides whether the Seller and Broker is able to disclose that another competing offer has been received, contemplated, or is being negotiated. The home Buyer's Broker will disclose this information to the Buyer if it is received. The Buyer is NOT entitled to this information without express permission from the Seller.

Full Price Home Offers

The Seller is NOT obligated to sell the property even if the Buyer makes a full-price, contingency-free offer.

Priority of Home Offers

The first or highest offer made does not bind or otherwise limit the Seller to act upon that offer before considering other offers. There is no priority of home offers. The Seller makes all decisions.

Real Estate Agents and Attorneys
Real estate agents are NOT Attorneys! Real estate agents advise Buyers and Sellers to seek legal counsel from attorneys regarding any question about the legal status of an offer, counteroffer or contract.   

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