The mortgage you choose will impact you personal finances almost as much as the home you plan to buy. Making the best choice for a home loan has never been easier thanks to Help-U-Sell Real Estate’s Alliance Plus™ partnership with Bank of America.

The Alliance is designed to help make homeownership affordable by providing consumers with the information they need to find the best mortgage for them.

Use the pages and links at Help-U-Finance to discover today’s interest rates nationwide, explore various financing options, and even get pre-approved for a mortgage. You’ll even find information about the $8,000 tax credit currently available through the Federal Government, and HAMP, the new Home Affordable Modification Plan designed to help troubled borrowers renegotiate their existing mortgages.

Whether you plan to use Conventional financing or go FHA, Help-U-Sell and Bank of America can make the buying/borrowing process as comfortable as possible. No matter what your questions are – bank rates, housing credits, refinancing, hardship letters, mortgage modification – the answers are as close as the Online Mortgage Center.